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The Beeck Center at Georgetown engages global leaders to drive social change at scale. Through our research, workshops, classes, and convenings, we provide innovative tools that leverage the power of capital, data, technology and policy to improve lives. We embrace a cross-disciplinary, citizen-centric approach to building solutions for communities. From increasing access to finance through mobile money, to promoting technologies that allow citizens to better connect with their governments, we take a human-centered approach to building solutions at scale. We invite a diverse community of thinkers to join us in looking beyond the obvious, to ask the unasked questions and find adaptable solutions in today’s changing world.

Our History and Role Within the University

The Beeck Center at Georgetown University was launched in 2014 through the generosity of Alberto and Olga Maria Beeck. Part lab, part think tank and part classroom, we work with students and practitioners to innovate new solutions to systemic social problems. We conduct academic research, hold convenings and provide trainings, classes and experiential labs for current and emerging leaders. Building on Georgetown University’s core values and global reach, we drive creative thinking around issues at intersection of data, technology, capital and policy innovation. We invite a divergent and diverse community of thinkers to join us in looking beyond the obvious, to ask the unasked questions, and embrace uncertainty in today’s changing world.

Policy Innovation

Developing and promoting outcomes-focused, human-centered policies to build a better society.

Data for Social Good

Leveraging data and technology to drive public policy, engage more citizens, and improve governance.

Impact Investing

Building the policies, coalitions, and investment practices needed to make positive social and environmental outcomes a key part of every investment decision.

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