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October 21, 2020

Reimagining the Budgets and Oversight of Large Government Tech Projects

Major government software projects are more likely to fail than succeed. A lot has to go wrong for that to happen, but the seeds of that failure are planted way back at the budgeting phase, when the legislature or Congress first takes up a project or policy. Beeck Fellows Robin Carnahan and Waldo Jaquith lead the conversation on how by changing the budgeting and oversight process for these projects, back when they’re first being planned, they can be set up for success instead of failure.

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October 22, 2020

What It Takes to Support Data and Tech Capacity in Government Transitions

Transitions are a way of life in government — whether it’s shifts in agency strategies, new leadership, or a change in administration, government folks are some of the most resilient and flexible there are because the only constant is change. In our work, we support governments as they use cutting-edge tools and practices to deliver services and carry out their missions — work that should continue amid transitions. In this conversation, we discuss strategies and approaches that government workers can take to ensure our important work to use data, design, technology, and other modern tools and practices continue to advance year over year. We will also briefly discuss some of the important questions that teams that plan administration transitions should be asking when thinking about capacity within agencies.

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October 28, 2020

Improving Life Outcomes for Youth of the Foster Care System

In the United States, approximately one in 17 children will spend time in the foster care system, yet it continually fails to deliver desired outcomes. Think of Us — a non-profit that aims to successfully transition foster youth into a prosperous adulthood—recently spent time exploring how the system works for older foster youth who are aging out of care in 5 jurisdictions across the country. Through their research they identified what they consider to be the three missing pillars for positioning older foster youth for better life outcomes.

Join us for a sneak-peak presentation of what they learned, followed by a discussion about implications for improving the foster care system across the nation.

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October 29, 2020

Hiding in Plain Sight Part 3: Getting It Done – Making the Allocation to Diverse Managers

To close out the Hiding in Plain Sight series, join a discussion with representatives of institutions that have prioritized and selected diverse managers. More than making the case, what does it take to get it done when you're ready to forge ahead with the increasing the diversity of managers in your portfolio? Hear from decision makers who have not only stated their commitment but also put in the work to source diverse firms, push their consultants, re-consider their criteria, and close the deal. Moderated by Erika Seth Davies, and featuring guests Bert Feuss, Former Senior VP, Investments, Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Anyori Hernandez, Emerging Manager Program, NY State Office of the Comptroller.

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Past Events

September 2020

What if Colleges Designed Impact-oriented Bridge Years?

This year, up to 20% of high schoolers will defer their college admissions due to COVID-19. But what if they could start school on a different path, by taking the year to do work that will truly impact themselves and the world?
September 2020

Shifting Power from Investors to Communities

Emphasizing the need for both community participation and community-led decision making, Dana Bezerra, President of the Heron Foundation and Lucas Turner-Owens, former fund manager of the Boston Ujima Project, challenged funders and investors to rethink and redesign their traditional approaches to investing in communities. 

July 2020

Solutions for Fighting Racism in the Asset Management Industry

In Part 2 of her series, Erika Seth Davies speaks with people from the asset management industry about their experiences, and some solutions to fighting the racism in the room that is hiding in plain sight.

July 2020

Ideas That Transform: A National Bank to Restart Local Economies

Kicking off our new series, Agnes Dasewicz and Dale Mathias recently launched a ‘call to action’ on why We Need a U.S. Development Bank to Restart the Economy. They discussed and debated the merits with Melissa Bradley of 1863 Ventures.