Work with Us

We are looking for teammates with experience where data, design, and technology meet policy and practice to drive toward better outcomes in society.

Join us to improve systems that are the foundation for daily life, using data, design, technology, and policy as instruments for equitable societal change.

Fellowships at the Beeck Center

Fellowships at the Beeck Center offer a unique experience for expert practitioners in data, design, and technology to work on projects that solve societal challenges. Working along with students, staff, extended networks, and other practitioners, Fellows contribute to the Beeck Center’s key offerings:

    • Actionable Research + Tools – We iteratively document what works and support implementation so solutions get to more places and help more people.
    • Network Catalyst – We build and empower networks for collaboration, resource sharing, and sustained application of leading practices.
    • Policy Advocacy – We monitor, identify, and amplify important policy areas
    • Skills + Pathways – We invest in and train students and practitioners with skills in data, design, and technology.

Fellows serve in three main capacities:

(1) Network translators. Fellows are experts in their field and seamlessly translate between different fields and between experts and a lay audience, while also across industries and sectors.

(2) Thought-provokers. Fellows are catalysts for social change and bring their vision and point of view to move change forward within a system. 

(3) Teachers and mentors. Fellows are ardent teachers and learners, interacting with students as a key part of their experience.

“My fellowship has created an opportunity to share my experience and expertise as a practitioner with peers across the country, as well as research and influence the frontiers of what’s possible in delivering public benefits and lifting more Americans out of poverty.”

Ariel Kennan
Current Beeck Center Fellow