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The Opportunity

We live in a world with increasing inequity.

Wealth, power, and opportunity are concentrated in too few hands. Access is difficult, limited, or barred entirely.

The very systems designed for the betterment of all are often siloed and ineffective. They’re usually designed for policy, not for people.

Yet there is great opportunity to channel the power of people to reimagine these systems. The solutions are there, they’re just not evenly distributed.

Using the tools of data, design, technology, and innovation, the Beeck Center can lead a networked approach to make systems work for all, at scale.

Our latest work.

Tech & Delivery with the American Rescue Plan

Convening state, local, tribal and territorial governments to best leverage funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) to strengthen government technology, data, and service delivery.

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Intergovernmental Software Collaborative

Working with state governments to expand the network of software cooperatives to collaborate and share software that they all own instead of each buying or building the same software from commercial vendors.

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Social Safety Net Benefits

Documenting novel approaches to adopt and scale software that makes it easier for eligible people to apply for and enroll in social safety net benefits and partnering to scale these proven approaches to more people and places.

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Public Interest Tech Workforce

Supporting the needs of public interest technology workers, ensuring that the workforce has the skills, tools, and resources they need to deliver public services that better meet the needs of the people who use them.

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Digital Service Network

Establishing a network for teams in U.S. state, local, territorial, and tribal governments leading digital service delivery to share best practices, document what works, and provide training and technical assistance for greater collaboration.

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State Chief Data Officers Network

Supporting and growing a network of State Chief Data Officers who are utilizing, managing, and leveraging data as a strategic asset to identify policy priorities, test for best service implementation strategies, and deliver training and technical assistance to states.

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We value things differently.

Our work centers on investing in outcomes for individuals and society. We believe impact at scale requires the courage to think, behave, and collaborate differently.

Better systems help people. We document what works and support implementation so solutions get to more places and help more people.

Networks make solutions discoverable. We build and leverage communities of practice for collaboration across sectors to raise awareness and show what works.

Narratives and advocacy change culture. We use campaigns, storytelling, and policy advocacy to change cultural norms and understanding of our work.

New skills for a new field. We invest in and train the next set of public interest leaders (including students that work with us) to build the field.

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