Impact at Scale

We are a training ground for students and an incubator for scalable, leading-edge ideas in service of the common good.

What is the Beeck Center?

We are an experiential hub that has two key mandates.

A training ground for students.

Equipping future global leaders with the tools and approaches to further the common good

An incubator for scalable, leading-edge ecosystem ideas.

Promoting outcome-driven solutions using the tools of finance and data + digital

Our Approach

We value things differently.

Our work centers on investing in outcomes for individuals and society. We believe impact at scale requires the courage to think, behave, and collaborate differently.

  • Thinking differently. The Beeck Center starts with outcomes first. We question and re-define incentive structures. Leveraging the tools of finance, data, and civic voice, we scale innovative solutions beyond just organizations.
  • Behaving differently. Through our applied research, the Beeck Center showcases new models. We don’t shy away from failure. We meet people where they are knowing that tools, frameworks, and approaches are important to achieve outcomes.
  • Collaborating differently. We work beyond silos. The Center convenes public, private, and civic actors to co-create solutions leading to lasting outcomes.

… And students get to roll-up their sleeves and participate in all of it.

Upcoming Events

Join us in building a community to shift paradigms.

February 4, 2020

Measuring Social Change: A Conversation with Author Alnoor Ebrahim

How do you measure progress towards worthy goals like ending homelessness? What results can nonprofits and social enterprises reasonably measure and take credit for? How can measurement be used strategically? Join Professor Alnoor Ebrahim and Miriam’s Kitchen CEO Scott Schenkelberg for a lively discussion moderated by Beeck Center Executive Director Nate Wong on measuring what matters.

Sign-in and networking begin at 4:00 p.m. The conversation begins at 4:30 p.m. and will be followed by a book signing at 5:30pm. Light refreshments will be provided.

Measuring Social Change is sponsored in part by McCourt School of Public Policy, Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Beeck Center, Georgetown College, and the Social Responsibility Network (SRN) of Georgetown College.

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March 31, 2020

Democracy and the Next American Economy

"[Author Henry Ramos sees] this moment as a pivotal turning point in the American journey in which political polarization, income and wealth disparity and public violence—much of which is race related—threaten the very essence and integrity of our democracy and economy.

Ramos examines the policies that have contributed to America’s decline, including those that have led to the concentration of great wealth in the hands of a few while condemning many to systemic poverty and inequality. Current economic and social trends, he stresses, are unsustainable and call for organized, concerted action by people of conscience and those affected.

Ultimately, Ramos provides a roadmap for the future so the United States can continue to provide opportunities for its people and serve again as a leader in the international community. "

Join the Beeck Center and author Henry Ramos for a discussion of his latest work and the issues of Fair Finance that lay within.

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