Audacious ideas for impact.

We are a training ground for students and an incubator for scalable, leading-edge ideas in service of the common good.

What is the Beeck Center?

We are an experiential hub that has two key mandates.

A training ground for students.

Equipping future global leaders with the tools and approaches to further the common good

An incubator for scalable, leading-edge ideas.

Promoting outcome-driven solutions using the tools of finance, data, and civic voice

Our Approach

We value things differently.

Our work centers on investing in outcomes for individuals and society. We believe impact at scale requires the courage to think, behave, and collaborate differently.

  • Thinking differently. The Beeck Center starts with outcomes first. We question and re-define incentive structures. Leveraging the tools of finance, data, and civic voice, we scale innovative solutions beyond just organizations.
  • Behaving differently. Through our applied research, the Beeck Center showcases new models. We don’t shy away from failure. We meet people where they are knowing that tools, frameworks, and approaches are important to achieve outcomes.
  • Collaborating differently. We work beyond silos. The Center convenes public, private, and civic actors to co-create solutions leading to lasting outcomes.

… And students get to roll-up their sleeves and participate in all of it.

Upcoming Events

Join us in building a community to shift paradigms.

March 26, 2019

Social Impact Career Panel

This panel event features practitioners who took a variety of pathways to their career in social impact, demonstrating to students that there is a place for everybody, regardless of background, education, experience, and interest, in the world of social impact.

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April 12, 2019

Plan-It Earth Ideathon

As a thought partner and administrative home to the Plan-It Earth team, we will be supporting a two-day ideathon that looks at the link between environmental justice and economic development. Visit the website here.

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