Our Projects

Gathering people who don’t ordinarily collaborate to share great ideas on solving seemingly intractable problems.

We build new tools, frameworks, and practical guides for those doing the tough work of creating social change.

We take on a select number of projects, ideally with learning partners, that are focused on delivering better outcomes for communities, built by a thriving workforce on reliable infrastructural systems.

Highlighted Projects

Tech & Delivery with the American Rescue Plan

Convening state, local, tribal and territorial governments to best leverage funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) to strengthen government technology, data, and service delivery.

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State Software Collaborative

Working with state governments to expand the network of software cooperatives to collaborate and share software that they all own instead of each buying or building the same software from commercial vendors.

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Social Safety Net Benefits

Documenting novel approaches to adopt and scale software that makes it easier for eligible people to apply for and enroll in social safety net benefits and partnering to scale these proven approaches to more people and places.

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Public Interest Tech Workforce

Supporting the needs of public interest technology workers, ensuring that the workforce has the skills, tools, and resources they need to deliver public services that better meet the needs of the people who use them.

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Digital Service Network

Establishing a network for teams in U.S. state, local, territorial, and tribal governments leading digital service delivery to share best practices, document what works, and provide training and technical assistance for greater collaboration.

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State Chief Data Officers Network

Supporting and growing a network of State Chief Data Officers who are utilizing, managing, and leveraging data as a strategic asset to identify policy priorities, test for best service implementation strategies, and deliver training and technical assistance to states.

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Current Projects

Public Data Integrity

Demonstrating the value and informing the uses of public data for the public interest, with a focus on census data. Collaboratively assessing availability and filling gaps in order to address high-priority issues, including equitable pandemic recovery, caregiving, climate change, and education.

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Community Data Capacity

Convening community-based, impact-driven organizations for collective data capacity assessments and collaborative strategies for sharing data, making data-driven decisions, and measuring impact.

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Tech Policy Curriculum (in partnership with the McCourt School of Public Policy)

Developing academic curricula, programming, and learning opportunities for students and practitioners of policy to gain a deeper understanding about technology.

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Piloting work placements for current college students in local governments to allow them to graduate directly into job placements with the public interest technology skills and experience they need to launch into the early part of their careers on a fast track to management.

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TOPCities: Unlocking Local Data

Teaming city government partners with community leaders and private sector technologists to use data and design for tools that address local needs in response to COVID-19, starting with a two-city pilot focused on housing issues in San Jose and St. Paul.

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Data + Justice

Working collaboratively with prosecutor’s offices using a data-informed approach to identify systemic inequities in the criminal justice system and craft innovative policy solutions for fairer outcomes, starting with a pilot in South Carolina.

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Modernizing Congress

Researching and advocating for proven practices of Congress leveraging technology to better engage constituents and incorporate civic voice.

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Past Work

Project Builder

A toolkit designed for students to mindfully navigate through a community-based research project using human-centered design.

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The Opportunity Project University Sprint

Leveraging technology and open data in a student-led user-research and product development sprint focused on reducing plastic pollution across the country, in partnership with Census Innovation Labs.

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Equitable Access to Capital Markets

The Equitable Access to Capital Markets team is conducting field work to advance the access, growth, and success of minority-led and women-led financial services firms, including a survey of current initiatives, a stakeholder convening, and recommendations for moving the needle to create access.

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Delivering Better Outcomes through User-Centered Policy Making

The civic tech, gov tech, and public interest tech ecosystem has long been united by a common goal of delivering better outcomes for communities and the people we serve. In nearly a decade of doing this work, we've learned that improving services requires a broader focus.

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Reimagining Community Investing for the 21st Century

Many of our current federal and local policies for driving private capital into underserved communities are obsolete and do not meet the needs of a nation that has radically changed demographically and culturally over the past several decades. We are focused on a future for community and sustainable investing that draws from the lessons of the past, but which results in systems change driven by policies that do not simply tinker around the edges.

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Financing Immigrant and Refugee Integration

This is a time of transition in the U.S. population. Among the significant shifts: rapid diversification, including over 44 million immigrants and refugees (Migration Policy Institute); and a shortfall in workers needed to fill jobs in our economy (1.9 million anticipated by 2024 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)). Since over half of the immigrants and refugees are of working age, they could provide a solution to the likely employment challenge.

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Digital Census Project

Developing trainings, tools, and resources to help local governments, journalists, and technology platforms prepare for and respond to these challenges.

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Responsible Data Practices

Publishing a guidebook to capture and streamline proven strategies for data sharing and governance across governments, companies, and social impact organizations that are working to responsibly and equitably improve societal outcomes.

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Inclusive Community Impact Investing

As we look towards economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s imperative that investors and project sponsors prioritize making a positive, inclusive impact on local communities. Our goal is to align market and policy efforts to spur more of these community investments in the U.S.

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The Blockchain Ethical Design Framework for Social Impact

There are dramatic predictions about the potential of blockchain to “revolutionize” everything from worldwide financial markets and the distribution of humanitarian assistance to the very way that we outright recognize human identity for billions of people around the globe. As developers take on building these types of solutions, the social effects of blockchain can be powerful and lasting.

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