We believe design, data, technology, and policy are critical to the delivery of better outcomes for the public.

Our Team

The Beeck Center brings together the brightest minds and the most promising ideas to make societal systems work for everyone.

Practitioner fellows collaborate with Beeck Center staff and Georgetown students to guide projects focused on advancing good governance, seamless systems, and a thriving public interest technology workforce.

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Our Work

We follow the need when prioritizing our work. Often, the systems we rely on in everyday life are not resourced, maintained, or designed with the user in mind. Our tools and resources remove barriers to access and administration. In other instances, we identify emerging policy needs and explore solutions with an eye towards future adaption. We create innovative solutions and resources using data, design, and technology that are informed by the lived experiences of people who will use them.

We are a contributing member of Georgetown’s Tech & Society Initiative—a cross-campus interdisciplinary effort to bring together diverse groups of faculty, researchers, practitioners, and students to explore emerging questions and equip the next generation of leaders to navigate complex societal challenges.

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Our History

The Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University was founded in 2014 by Alberto and Olga Maria Beeck. The Beeck Center was created to explore a range of public and private sector issues and train the next generation of social impact leaders. Since then, we have experimented with solutions from policy to process with the constant goal of achieving at scale.

Our Mission

At the Beeck Center, our mission is to improve systems that are the foundation for daily life, using data, design, and technology as instruments for equitable societal change. Making systems work for all means public institutions value the people who need them, and they demonstrate that value in the design, delivery, and maintenance of critical services.

Our mission.