Fellowships at the Beeck Center

​The Beeck Center brings together changemakers across multiple sectors and industries with a wide range of skill sets – policymakers, designers, journalists, data scientists, community organizers, technologists, investors, strategic advisors, community development experts – to engage in action-oriented research and dialogue that reimagines how our systems can work towards sustainable social impact. 


What is it like to be a fellow at the Beeck Center?

Fellows at the Beeck Center are senior leaders in their field who engage in action-oriented research projects that aim to create a positive social impact at scale. The Center experiments with cutting-edge ideas to shape the way public and private institutions operate and to help them rebuild trust with society. 

Fellows usually conduct research that is connected to a specific project under one of our three portfolios: Data + Digital, Fair Finance, and Sustainable Student Impact. Each fellow works with their portfolio staff and student analysts to produce resources, tools, and events that make research findings actionable. We work in a collaborative, open environment and use our core values to guide the way we approach our projects and team relationships. Our fellowships range from full-time “Resident Fellowships” to part-time and affiliate fellowships, depending on project and portfolio needs. One of the most unique aspects of being a fellow at the Beeck Center is having access to the Georgetown University ecosystem. At the Beeck Center, we sit under the Provost’s Office, which allows us to collaborate with the other academic schools, centers and institutes across Georgetown’s different disciplines and schools as part of Georgetown’s cross-campus Initiative on Tech and Society


Do fellows have to be located in Washington, D.C.?

We are a distributed, remote-friendly team and many of our fellows and staff members are not located in Washington, D.C. We rely on tools like Slack, Zoom and Asana to keep in touch with each other and on track with our goals. That said, we do have offices located on Georgetown University’s Main Campus and downtown near the Georgetown Law Center that we encourage all of our fellows to visit and work from alongside our staff and students once campus reopens. Additionally, some roles may require fellows to be based in the Washington, D.C. area.


What is the background and experience that a Beeck Center fellow is expected to have?

Our fellows come from a wide range of different backgrounds, experiences and skillsets. Fellowship position requirements are tailored to the specific needs of the project and are detailed in position descriptions.


What are a fellow’s responsibilities, apart from conducting research or publishing reports?

Fellows at the Beeck Center join an active, busy Center and their work fits within one of our portfolios which operate as collaborative teams. Our fellows are expected to manage their project timelines and deliverables and routinely report to portfolio staff on their progress. Fellows also engage with their portfolio teams through weekly team meetings and other occasional events, work closely with the Center’s students, staff, and other fellows, and actively contribute to the Center’s events, meetings, publications, and other activities. Fellows are expected to engage with and support the students involved at the Center. We host a range of different events including lunch and learns, professional workshops and a student analyst program that provide avenues for fellows to collaborate with students at the Center. Our fellows are spokespeople for their work as part of the Center and support communications and media outputs for their respective projects, which might include written reports, playbooks, blogs, and social media campaigns.


Are Beeck fellows paid? What other benefits are included in a fellowship?

Beeck fellows receive a faculty appointment to Georgetown University. Most fellows are paid, typically through a monthly stipend that correlates to their project work and the amount of time they are committed to the Center. For example, full-time fellows receive a stipend that is commensurate to their experience and the full-time nature of their work. Full-time fellows are also eligible for Georgetown benefits which includes health care. Part-time fellows may be paid a part-time stipend commensurate to their experience and the part-time nature of their work. Part-time fellows are typically not eligible for Georgetown benefits. Affiliate fellows are typically not compensated or eligible for Georgetown benefits.


How are fellows funded?

Fellows are typically funded through project-related grants and gifts for the specific project that the fellow will be working on. Some fellows will interact closely with funders depending on the nature of the project and relationship with the funder. This can include project updates as well as additional business development and funding requests or follow-on as deemed appropriate. All interactions would be coordinated with and supported by the portfolio lead and core Beeck Center leadership team. Our current and past funders include: The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Schmidt Futures, Surdna Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and more. 


Who can I reach out to for an informational interview or coffee chat?

To ensure that we are conducting a transparent and fair recruitment process for all applicants, we do not schedule meetings outside of the application process.  We make it a point to ensure that our position descriptions are as detailed as possible and provide the general context and background for our work that is needed for a successful application. Position descriptions also list an email address to contact for questions or clarifications about information present in the position descriptions or application forms.

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