Past Fellows

Sarah Schacht

Sarah Schacht headshot

Sarah Schacht has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of public interest technology topics. Her work as a practitioner ranges from data standards development (authoring LIVES 2.0 and SAFE 1.0), public and environmental health open data, community engagement, legislation access and transparency, and government website usability. As a social entrepreneur, she founded and led an “open gov” 501(c)3 nonprofit, Knowledge As Power (2006-2012). From 2014 to present, Schacht is a consultant at Smarter Civic consulting, advising “civic tech” startups, federal agencies, and civil society organizations. Schacht is a frequent advisor to governments ranging from small-town mayors to presidential staff. She is passionate about transparency, data standards, citizen engagement, democratic governance, and DEI in the public interest technology workforce. At the Beeck Center, Schacht’s work focuses on developing a robust and sustainable public interest technology workforce.

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Schacht’s free time is spent gardening, leading the Allgire Project (Washington’s largest mural gallery), and surfing.