Tech & Delivery with the American Rescue Plan


  • Examine SNAP, Medicaid and case management technologies and data
  • Work with assister programs to support people who have enrollment issues due a lack of credit
  • Examine SNAP, Medicaid and case management technologies and data

We are gathering the latest ARP resources and guidance and convening technology leaders from state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to join a series of workshops to consider how to strategically invest ARP funding while avoiding pitfalls. Topics include using data to supercharge recovery, procurement, safety net benefits including integration, tax credits and rental assistance, civic participation and broadband.

Four key elements of the American Rescue Plan Act would reduce the projected poverty rate for 2021 by more than one-third. In an earlier analysis, we projected that without this legislation, the 2021 annual poverty rate would be 13.7 percent. We project that key elements of the American Rescue Plan would reduce that annual poverty rate to 8.7 percent. The policies would reduce poverty by more than half for children and for people in households experiencing job loss. Poverty would fall about 42 percent for Black, non-Hispanic people, 39 percent for Hispanic people, and 34 percent for white, non-Hispanic people, reducing the disparities in poverty rates for Black, non-Hispanic people and Hispanic people relative to white, non-Hispanic people.

Project Topics

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What We've Learned So Far

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