Introducing the Summer 2019 Student Analyst Cohort

July 1, 2019 | Forrest Gertin

On June 3, the Beeck Center welcomed its largest Student Analyst program cohort ever! 16 student analysts have joined us from as far away as Peru and China for the summer semester.  The Beeck Center’s Student Analyst program is designed as an experiential learning experience for students who are interested in social impact at scale. This program provides students, thought-leaders, and academics a common space to dream, break rules, collaborate across disciplines, and ideate solutions for rethinking the social sector. Students are paired with a Beeck Center fellow or staff member to work on projects ranging from Righting the Rules for Shared Prosperity to developing workshop methodology on social impact scaling. Get to know our summer 2019 cohort and what they are working on below.

2019 Summer Student Analysts Cohort by The Numbers

  • They hail from 9 different countries: Bangladesh, China, France, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Spain and the United States.
  • 6 are current undergraduate students.
  • 7 are current graduate students.
  • 2 have completed their graduate degree programs.
  • 1 has completed their undergraduate degree program.
  • They have earned or are pursuing degrees in fields as varied as Chemical Engineering, International Political Economy, Social Enterprise, and Experience Design.
  • 12 are enrolled at or earned degrees from Georgetown. HOYA SAXA!
  • The 4 non-Hoyas study at American University, Brown University, Northeastern University and Northwestern University.

What are they working on? 

Digital Service Collaborative

Student analysts are supporting the Digital Service Collaborative (DSC) in building a body of research around government digital services, creating tangible resources for practitioners and cultivating the community of digital service leaders in governments to share and scale efforts. Students are also supporting the DSC’s work on data collaboratives and multi-party data sharing by exploring policy considerations around ethics and privacy. 

Opportunity Zones Investor Council

Some of our student analysts worked with the Opportunity Zones team to launch the Opportunity Zone Investor Council. The Council includes 15 fund managers, developers, and investors working in urban and rural communities to drive impact through Opportunity Zones. Their work has included supporting membership outreach, developing communication materials, and managing event logistics. They’ve also researched past tax incentives to discover best practices and lessons learned that their team, and investors, can apply to Opportunity Zones investing.

Student Passport Project

Student analysts on the student engagement team are working to help students navigate their social impact journey. Their work centers around identifying the core characteristics of a 21st Century Social Impact Leader, and determining the myriad pathways that students can take to develop and apply those skills. Their work will give students a clear model to reference as they chart their own course towards a social impact career that incorporates their individual passions.

To learn more about our current cohort of student analysts, click here. If you’re interested in joining our student analyst team for Fall 2019, sign up for our newsletter. Applications currently aren’t open but we will send out an announcement when they are with more information.