Digital Service Collaborative – Building Capacity for Digital Transformation in Government

Start Date: November 2018

Topic: Data + Digital

Stage: Incubation

Summary + Problem Statement

Government services touch our lives daily in countless ways. In an effort to improve those interactions and increase public trust, governments around the world are working to reimagine how they provide services in a digital age. However, most governments are not equipped for this new way of working. The Digital Service Collaborative, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, is working to provide expert support on delivering better results for society at scale.

Early leaders in this work are already providing measurable outcomes, demonstrating cost savings and efficiencies.  There is little documentation of the approaches that work, however, and individuals seeking to connect and learn from one another don’t necessarily know how to find each other.

How can examples of what has worked — and what hasn’t — in government digital transformation be better captured and shared among a community of practitioners? And how can we increase channels for knowledge sharing and collaboration?

As government teams increasingly approach their missions in this new, service-delivery model, how can we support more adoption of digital service tools and approaches that put users at the forefront, and scale successful practices to increase impact and set the public up for participation in government with confidence that their rights and values are protected?

Project Elements


The Digital Service Collective is building a body of research around government digital services, creating tangible resources for practitioners, cultivating the community of digital service leaders in governments to share and scale efforts, and exploring policy considerations including ethics and privacy. We are also supporting efforts in the public and private sectors to responsibly share and use data to address some of society’s most challenging issues and to support civic engagement with public institutions.


  • Connecting people. Whether part of the digital service movement from early days or just getting started in this work, we will bring together people to learn from one another and work together.
  • Sharing information. Engaging with other initiatives and individuals operating in this space, we will identify ways to help people working on digital service efforts manage information overflow and access the information that is most useful to their work.
  • Providing resources. With other leaders in this space, the Digital Service Collaborative will create a resource repository providing templates, guidance, and how-to resources for government professionals working on digital transformation and service delivery.
  • Impacting policy. We will explore key challenges or opportunities to scale digital service efforts from conceptual and strategic perspectives and publish white papers, research reports, policy papers, or case studies for policymakers and leaders in government digital transformation.

People on this project

Alberto Rodriguez

Student Analyst
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Natalie Evans Harris

Program/Project Fellow
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Denice Ross

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Hollie Russon-Gilman

Program/Project Fellow
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Emily Tavoulareas

Program / Project Fellow
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Christopher Wilson

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Vandhana Ravi

Program Associate
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Sonal Shah

Founding Executive Director - Leave of Absence
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Cori Zarek

Director of the Digital Service Collaborative
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