Aaron Snow

Aaron helps governments serve people better by mainstreaming new ways of designing and delivering digital services that reduce the risk of project failure, lower costs, ensure user privacy and system and security reliability, and above all, improve people’s lives by putting their needs front and center.

Aaron has led digital service teams pursuing transformational missions for two national governments. In 2014 Aaron co-founded and then led 18F, the US government’s in-house technology and design consultancy, and was the inaugural Deputy Commissioner of the government’s Technology Transformation Service (TTS). In 2018, he became the first CEO of the Government of Canada’s Canadian Digital Service. He has twice been named one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government.”

Prior to 18F and TTS, Aaron was a 2013 Presidential Innovation Fellow. Before entering government service, he developed software and managed product development for small and large enterprises, and co-founded Daring Software, building the back-end for its flagship Arro shopping app. He serves on the Advisory Boards of gov.uk and FWD50.

Aaron is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School, where he received the Lance Liebman ‘Nice Guys/Gals Don’t Necessarily Finish Last’ Award.

Aaron Snow's Projects

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State Software Collaborative

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Digital Service Network

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