State Chief Data Officers Network


  • Publishing guidance and recommendations for state leaders to leverage the role of a chief data officer.
  • Bringing chief data officers together in a formal network to share and scale best practices.
  • Supporting talent pipelines from higher education into state government data teams.

While the majority of states have established Chief Data Officers (CDOs) to advance the application and management of data, the role is still quite new and there is potential to improve how state leaders leverage data to inform policies and better target services. The State Chief Data Officers Network provides expert support for state efforts to utilize data to deliver better outcomes.

States know that data is a strategic asset with great potential for improving the public good. For example, integrating data across social service agencies can better serve children and teens with complex needs, reduce homelessness, or allow government to respond more quickly to natural and public health disasters. However, there are many challenges to responsible data use in state government, including legal, technical, and cultural issues. Often, the challenge of using data effectively and responsibly seems too difficult a task for state governments and the potential for public benefit is left untapped. We are working to bridge that gap by designing roadmaps and guides for state leaders to establish a CDO role and create a high-functioning state data program. Additionally, the State Chief Data Officers Network is a community of practice for existing CDOs to support each other as they navigate this relatively new role.


Project Updates

Project Reports & Resources

Leveraging Data for Economic Recovery: A Roadmap for States

Leveraging Data for Economic Recovery: A Roadmap for States

An essential element of planning for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is taking into account the ways in which separate social programs interact with one another to avoid changing one system and overburdening another. States should lean heavily on data to make these difficult decisions on the path toward economic recovery. By using data to inform policy and improve public understanding of pathways out of poverty, states can efficiently and effectively lead the way to improve economic mobility for their residents.

Aug. 11, 2020

What We've Learned So Far

  • Launched Data Labs, in partnership with the National Governors Association, to provide training and technical assistance to states.

  • Established an active network of 30 CDOs to collaborate on shared resources and goals such as model policies and legislation.


  • Published a first-of-its-kind framework for states to establish and evolve the role of a CDO.