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All Streets Lead to Procurement (Part of Georgetown Tech & Society Week)

April 7, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET

Teams across the U.S. focused on improving state, territorial, and local government benefits and services delivery are increasingly encountering the age-old civic tech problem: to build better digital products and infrastructure, we have to fix procurement.

Much of the discussions and efforts around procurement to date have focused on federal procurement, but state/territory and local procurement come with their own distinct complexities and challenges that are critical to address if we are to improve digital service delivery to the public.

Join the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation for a conversation diving deep into real issues facing better state/territory and local procurement, and the opportunities that the private and public sectors have at all levels to help non-federal jurisdictions buy tech better.

All Streets Lead to Procurement. April 7, 2022 event.

All Streets Lead to Procurement. April 7, 2022 event.


Shelby Switzer

Shelby Switzer


Mariel Reed

CEO and co-founder of CoProcure, a cooperative contract platform for governments

Sha’Keia Kegler

Founder GovLia

Renee Brown Moser

Former Director of Procurement for the City of Atlanta

Camille Hogan

Acquisition Specialist at United States Digital Service

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