Ideas That Transform

Ideas That Transform

The Beeck Center is launching this new series highlighting provocative social innovations that can truly transform the world for the better. We’ll surface new leap-frogging ideas that are disrupting the status quo and explore what it will take for them to thrive and actually lead to impact.

You’ll hear from social innovators across sectors and industries. Our conversations will push for nuanced and constructive dialogue as we reflect on what it will take to transform the world. Join the dialogue!

What's Next

What if Colleges Designed Impact-oriented "Bridge Years"?

Tuesday, September 29, 12pm ET

The COVID pandemic has had a significant impact on higher education, leaving colleges and universities around the world scrambling as they figure out how to provide quality education that prepares students for successful and impactful careers. In the wake of this challenge, it’s become abundantly clear that simply transitioning traditional classroom teaching to virtual environments is falling well-short of delivering on the value proposition of higher education. The pandemic has laid bare the need for new models for education that prepare students as society-literate leaders who can solve real world problems that serve the common good.

Join Abby Falik, Founder & CEO, Global Citizen Year, Randall Bass, Director of the Designing the Futures Initiative, and Jamie Cohen, current student at George Washington University and former bridge year participant, in conversation with the Beeck Center’s Matt Fortier, to explore how intentionally designed experiences can transform education and prepare students to tackle complex problems for social impact.

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Coming Soon

We Need a U.S. Development Bank – Tuesday, July 14

A new, government-funded institution focused on the development of local economies and small businesses could play a significant role in our recovery. This new Development Bank would support innovative investors like small and locally focused investment funds, help bolster community investment, and partner with financial technology firms and others in implementing innovative methods of lending to small “main street” businesses.

Change the Way We Train Teachers - July 28, 2020

We've spent the past 25 years trying to fix our schools and we have overlooked the teachers in them. Far too many institutions are in the business of making teachers and many programs don’t teach research-based content.

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Recap Past Events

We love discovering and sharing new ideas with the world, bringing attention where its needed.

Shifting Power from Investors to Communities

While most would agree that local communities have critical insights on needs and challenges, as well as the expertise to build solutions, funders more often than not design solutions for communities rather than with communities. Beyond philanthropy, we see other models emerging that prioritize community, such as participatory budgeting, community designed development, and crowdfunding.

A National Bank to Restart Local Economies

The Beeck Center kicked-off our new Ideas that Transform series by hosting Agnes Dasewicz and Dale Mathias to explore this idea further along with Melissa Bradley. Moderated by Nate Wong. Read their calls to action and enjoy the conversation.

Alnoor Ebrahim: Measuring Social Change: Performance and Accountability in a Complex World

Managing Director Nate Wong discusses how organizations need to put a process in place to measure how they enact social change.

Other Ideas

We won't be able to do a deep dive on every great idea we come across, but here's more to get you thinking.

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Do you have a big idea you want to share? Were we way off-base with some of our earlier ideas? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #BeeckIdeas.

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