Digital Identity Community of Practice Advisor (Contractor)

Job Description

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Job Overview

The Digital Benefits Network (DBN) at the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University works with people who administer, deliver, use, and influence public benefits — with a goal of supporting government to ensure public benefits technology is accessible, effective, and equitable — and ultimately increase economic opportunity. We value the experience and expertise from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and sectors. We are focused on cross-benefit approaches for key programs including: food and nutrition (SNAP, WIC), health (Medicaid/CHIP), cash assistance (TANF, basic income), and unemployment insurance (UI).

The DBN convenes focused topical communities of practice (CoP) that inspire what’s possible in benefits delivery, create structured learning opportunities for government leaders, and drive towards testing new ideas and developing standards.

We are seeking a contractor to provide strategic planning, community management, and convening support to our new Digital Identity Community of Practice (Digital Identity CoP). The advisor will work within a defined scope alongside researcher Elizabeth Bynum Sorrell in establishing this community of practice. 


Growing out of our research in 2022-2023, the DBN is launching a cross-sector, cross-program community of practice focused on digital identity in public benefits. The community will help inform how digital identity approaches should be used (appropriately, responsibly, equitably, and effectively) in public benefits delivery.

Remotely identity proofing, establishing confidence that a subject is who they claim to be, and digital authentication, establishing confidence in the identity that a person is presenting digitally, can present opportunities for beneficiaries and applicants (for example, enabling individuals to transfer information from one application to another or supporting the pre-filling of forms, etc.). However, these steps can also create barriers for users who may face internet access issues, document access issues, and/or language access issues.

In response to new cybersecurity threats during the pandemic in programs like unemployment insurance, benefits administering agencies integrated new steps like identity proofing into online applications. The use of certain technologies, like facial recognition, has also raised questions about privacy, data security, and potential biases in systems that disproportionately impact communities of color and marginalized groups. To avoid reactively rolling out technology in response to perceived threats, there is a clear need to adapt digital identity standards and risk assessment frameworks to the nuanced scenarios of delivering services to people experiencing poverty and other vulnerable groups.

Before submitting your application, visit the Beeck Center’s careers page to learn more about the recruiting process, timeline and supplemental application requirements.

Work Interactions

The Community Advisor will be a contract member of the DBN project team and report to Elizabeth Bynum Sorrell, Researcher on the Digital Benefits Network. The role requires extensive communication with external partners. 

Distributed Working Environment

This position has been designated as Telework. The Beeck Center operates as a distributed team, with some team members working remotely and others working in-person in our Washington, DC offices. A distributed team means there will be heavy reliance on asynchronous communication channels such as Slack, Asana, and Gmail, while also having many meetings fully virtual or hybrid to include remote employees, using Zoom.

The Beeck Center has two office spaces in Washington, DC: one on Georgetown University’s Main Campus and a second downtown on Georgetown’s Capitol Campus. We prioritize spending time in person with our student analysts for collaboration and career development as well as building relations across the various other centers on campus. Remote employees will have the opportunity to and are expected to travel up to 10% for team retreats, conferences and in-person work weeks.


Community Building 50%

  • Review DBN’s existing research and documentation, conduct conversations with DBN team and key stakeholders, to draft strategic plan to launch CoP and engage potential members
  • Develop format and cadence for virtual CoP convenings
  • Host quarterly virtual CoP events for stakeholders from multiple sectors
  • Identify additional organizations and individuals the DBN should engage through this CoP
  • Create and conduct survey of potential CoP participants to identify priorities, engagement preferences, and other needs
  • Establish email lists and/or other communications + engagement methods to support connection, exchange of ideas, and peer learning
  • Support public communications about the CoP, including speaking about the CoP in external meetings and drafting content for external publications and recruitment materials
  • Collaborate with DBN team to plan in-person programming for CoP participants during our annual convening in Fall 2024 (BenCon)
  • Work with the DBN’s Program + Data Manager to develop initial metrics and a measurement and evaluation plan for the CoP

Research and Implementation Project Support 35%

  • Participate in and support meetings, events, and workshops related to the DBN’s ongoing cross-sector implementation project on digital identity 
  • Identify topics related to digital identity that may benefit from additional DBN research
  • Collaborate with researcher and other team members to scope appropriate research projects
  • Assist in drafting and reviewing content for research publications

Cross-team Coordination 15%

  • Participate in regular, virtual team meetings for the DBN and the Beeck Center


  • 3-5 years of community management experience 
  • Experience in technical and/or government environments, preferably with some knowledge of digital identity and/or cybersecurity OR, an ability to quickly learn about a technical topic
  • Experience planning and executing virtual, in person and hybrid events 
  • Strong project management skills and experience, including developing timelines, tracking tasks, and ensuring deadlines are met
  • Experience working within a team to plan the development of an initiative and document the required steps and milestones
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Salary, Benefits, and Employment Term

The Digital Identity Community of Practice Advisory is a part-time (30 hours per week) temporary position for an initial 12-month term, with the possibility of extension/renewal thereafter. The hourly wage for this position is $50/hr. This position is eligible for benefits through Georgetown’s contracting vendor NextSource — you can view the benefits package here.

Before you apply

Please visit the Beeck Center’s jobs page to review more details regarding recruitment timeline and application process.

Application Process:

Please complete this application form to be considered for this role. Applications will be accepted until Monday, April 15. Our intended hiring timeline is as follows:

Application Deadline: April 15

First Round Interviews: April 23-26

Second Round Interviews: May 2-6

Intended Start Date: June 3