Postcards from the Community: Digital Benefits Network Team Visits Michigan

Since 2022, the Digital Benefits Network has been steadily growing the community of practitioners working to expand equitable access to public benefits through the implementation of innovative and proven approaches. In 2023, we hosted the inaugural BenCon and the ever-growing Digital Benefits Hub was used by over 13,000 practitioners. DBN is starting 2024 with momentum and added two new staff to the team in January. This team hit the ground running and headed to Michigan to visit network partners−Civilla, Michigan Unemployment Insurance AgencyUniversity of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions Lab, and Taubman Urban Technology−March 12-13, 2024.

Let team DBN−Ariel Kennan (Senior Director), Jennifer Phillips (Program Lead Network Collaboration), Elizabeth Bynum Sorrell (Project Researcher), Maya Salemeh (Program + Data Manager), and Tina Amper (Community Advisor, Rules As Code Community of Practice)−take you on a virtual tour and share what we learned!

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