November 1, 2022

Communities of Practice: How Individual Motivations Can Influence Structural Integrity

This study aims to explore the different variables that influence the participation rate in communities of practice. The level and quality of participation in a community of practice largely determine the success or failure of the community. This study seeks to answer the research question, How can a community of practice organizer create, maintain, and evaluate a community of practice to ensure the maximum amount of participation contributed by the ‘Active’ and ‘Occasional’ members, as defined by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger? By grouping together foundational literature in categories based on the chronological period the community of practice is in, creation, sustainment, and evaluation, I will demonstrate how individual motivations largely influence the success of a community of practice. I will then rely on literature supporting structural capital as a tool organizer can use to help prop up the community of practice and influence the personal motivations of those to increase participation in the community.

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Kate Christy

Student Analyst