Discern + Digest: A Toolkit for Meaningful Dialogue

Discern + Digest (D + D) provides participants with the space and tools to reflect inwardly and with peers, enabling them to step back amid a fast-paced world and set intentional time and space for discernment. The D + D toolkit describes how this series can serve to improve the well-being of those who participate, providing a space for sometimes difficult and important dialogue or introspection and creating healthier individuals and more collaborative, caring environments.

The dialogue series often complements a shared experience, such as being part of the same work or educational space. It enables participants to engage with their work more deeply by unraveling complex questions. Our toolkit can be integrated into your office, classroom, or community group, typically with a group of 10-15 participants.

Join us in making healthier workspaces by opening the door to this important discourse. We welcome you to our community as we spread this initiative.

Read the toolkit.

Contributing Authors

Grace Rector

Student Analyst, Sustainable Student Impact