September 26, 2023

Beyond Technology: How Federal-State Partnership and a Test-and-Learn Approach Can Deliver an Equitable Child Care Assistance System

This report advocates for equitable and easy-to-use federally-funded child care assistance delivery programs designed with and for families and providers, managed by effective delivery institutions and underpinned by ethical technology systems.  

Rather than a detailed work plan or an academic research agenda, we offer a high-level vision and an actionable, evidence-based, programmatic strategy that can help practitioners approach change in child care assistance programs more productively. Our work is the product of a 12-week research sprint designed to elicit a better understanding of the challenges key actors in federally-funded child care assistance programs face.  


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Dominic Campbell

Dominic Campbell


Colleen Pulawski

Colleen Pulawski

Project Researcher, Digital Service Network

Nalani Saito

Community Manager