Integrating Social Safety Net Benefits: Options for State and County Agencies Informed by Recent Integration Successes

Integrated Benefits Information:

Millions who qualify for one social safety net benefit program (like SNAP) will also qualify for others, but each program’s complex application and renewal process can make it difficult to enroll in one program, let alone multiple. While many people in government know that it would be less burdensome for residents and caseworkers if benefit applications, renewals, and enrollment outreach were integrated across programs, making this change on can seem daunting, and it is difficult to know where to begin.

We created this guide to showcase how government agencies in Michigan, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Vermont have worked with organizations like Code for America, Nava, Civilla, and Benefits Data Trust to successfully pilot and scale different ways to integrate benefits. We hope that all state and local government agencies can find ways in this guide to take manageable steps that can build upon each other to create large-scale change, especially now with funding from the American Rescue Plan.

Reach out to us if you have questions about this guide or want to share how your government agency or organization is making information about public benefits more accessible:

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