Reimagining the Field for Emerging Government Digital Service Delivery Professionals

It should be startling that less than 5% of federal government employees are between the ages of 22-29. Not only are young professionals willing to adapt and learn, potentially more readily than those fixed in a system, but they may also be more capable of helping governments overcome technological problems by proactively using data and technology to better carry out their missions in this digital age. 

“It is important to prepare people for the reality that means to work in a government space.” – Former USDS Staff

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There is much work to be done before the government digital service delivery ecosystem is mature enough to support emerging professionals, but this doesn’t mean emerging professionals should be ignored. They are a key part of shaping the future of the field and bring many sought after skills and learned experiences that will only compliment the work already being done to better serve the people. Until then, government teams should work with internal and external researchers to better understand key pain points in the structure of the field, in hopes to evolve into a successful platform for every level of professional.

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