Student Analyst Detailed Descriptions

Spring 2024 

Open Positions in Detail

Digital Service Network (DSN): Data + Digital Resource Management

We are recruiting one (1) undergraduate or graduate student to join the Digital Service Network (DSN) team and work closely with Community Manager Michaela Caudill. The Student Analyst will support the management and curation of the DSN Resource Library and network database. 

The Student Analyst will also support the team in identifying areas for process improvement as it relates to our data management. Responsibilities may also include assistance with data collection, curation, cleaning, and reporting. At the end of the semester, the Student Analyst may help draft a report or presentation sharing observations on current data management processes and areas for improvement. 

In addition, the Student Analyst will have the opportunity to connect with and support government practitioners across the digital service landscape, and gain insight into the inner workings of digital transformation in government by joining our UX Subnetwork (which meets monthly on Thursday from 3-4PM ET). Availability during this time is preferred.

The Opportunity Project for Cities (TOPC): Sprint Support

The Opportunity Project for Cities is recruiting one undergraduate or graduate student to work alongside Senior Technical Advisor Harold Moore and researcher Elham Ali. This project involves hands-on collaboration with program partners at the Centre for Public Impact and, as well as delivery of technical assistance and program support to city participants in the TOPC 20-week design sprint in four or more cities.  

The TOPC Student Analyst will gain experience in cross-sector collaboration, open data, local government reform, facilitation, qualitative research, storytelling, and strategic decision-making. The Student Analyst will supplement city support through the TOPC sprint, developing communications products like blog posts, reports, or features, generating insights about program design, and designing learning resources for the TOPC community of practice. 

Opportunities and Skills Desired: 

  • This student should have external and internal communication experience
    • External communication for Beeck such as writing social media posts, tracking social and website analytics, creating website assets, and authoring small scale comms pieces like blog posts
  • This student will help cities in their secondary research and problem framing
  • This student will have the opportunity to research national and local trends for challenges and topics that cities are working on

Data Labs: Support Data Labs Program Launch + Lead State of the State Address Analysis

The Data Labs team is recruiting one (1) undergraduate or graduate student to work alongside Program Lead, Ali Benson, and collaborate with Program Managers Vinith Annam, Jen Puma, and Isaac Yoder. We are seeking a motivated and detail-oriented Student Analyst to support the launch of the new Data Labs cohort and take the lead on analyzing the State of the State Address, an annual speech delivered by the Governor to the state’s legislature, in which they outline their administration’s accomplishments, initiatives, and priorities. As a Student Analyst, you will play a crucial role in supporting our program launch and understanding key state priorities, especially as they relate to Data Labs issue areas and data-informed policymaking.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Analyze State of the State Address: Review and analyze the State of the State Address to identify and document key priorities and initiatives, specifically those related to Data Labs issue areas and data-informed policymaking.
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling: Create data visualizations to effectively communicate key findings and insights, and craft an engaging blog post or report that tells a compelling story about the data and its implications, making the information accessible to a broad audience.’
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with the Data Labs team to share insights and discuss how the state’s priorities align with Data Labs efforts. Attend and occasionally lead team meetings.
  • Support Data Labs Launch: Offer ad hoc support to the team for program launch. This may include conducting research to identify prospective participants, assisting in strategic outreach efforts, or supporting the development of collateral materials.
  • Ad Hoc Duties: Capacity permitting, the student may also have the opportunity to work with their supervisor to build out additional areas of work that align with their interests and areas for growth. 

This role offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance essential skills in research, data visualization, storytelling, and effective communication. The Student Analyst will also have the opportunity to attend Data Labs workshops, hear directly from states, learn about how data can inform better government service delivery, and gain exposure to best practices in instructional design, capacity building, and facilitation.

Beeck Center Communications

The Beeck Center Communications team is recruiting one undergraduate or graduate student to work alongside the Director of Communications, Jessica Yabsley and Storyteller-in Residence Ashleigh Fryer

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Content Creation: Hone your digital communication skills by drafting and editing a variety of written content, including blog posts, case studies, social media posts, guides, playbooks, and templates. Your writing and editing prowess will be invaluable in conveying our message effectively.
  • Interviewing: Conduct interviews with fellows and other thought leaders in the field. This hands-on experience will help you sharpen your interview and research skills while gaining insights from experts.
  • Strategic Engagement: Participate in weekly strategy and editorial meetings, where you’ll contribute your insights and collaborate with our team to refine communication strategies.

Candidates should possess a strong combination of skills and abilities, with an emphasis on writing, editing, and content promotion. If you’re passionate about communication, eager to learn, and excited to be part of a dynamic team, we encourage you to apply for this valuable student analyst role.