Transforming the 21st Century Social Impact Leader

September 4, 2019 | Matt Fortier

We’ve been busy at the Beeck Center, pursuing our mandate as a training ground for students. Our student analyst program, which included 16 undergraduate and graduate students from 5 different universities, culminated in capstone projects that featured our entire portfolio of work, from community investment and opportunity zones in our Fair Finance portfolio, to various elements of our Data + Digital portfolio such as Census 2020 and a playbook for data sharing. 

Our capstone presentations also featured an exciting new initiative that helps students map their social impact journey, which we will introduce this fall. Be sure to attend our upcoming open houses to find out how the Beeck Center is defining a social impact leader and how you, as a student, can participate in our programming to acquire the tools and mindsets to drive social impact at scale. The open houses will also provide more information about upcoming events, seminars, and workshops. 

Speaking of this fall, we’ve been preparing an exciting back-to-school calendar as we welcome new students and returning students. Our fall calendar provides opportunities to learn about social impact, to explore topics in the field more deeply and engage in reflection, to experience social impact through applied learning, and to partner around social impact – all in accordance with our LEAP framework

This fall, we are also excited to welcome back our 2019 GU Impacts Fellowship class. 21 fellows completed their independent projects with one of our 10 different partners this summer, spanning from entrepreneurship in Atlanta to eco-tourism in the Philippines.  These students will complete their fellowship upon returning to campus, participating in reintegration activities such as reflection, mentorship, and additional guidance. We’ll be hosting an exposition this fall to showcase the exciting work that our GU Impacts Fellows accomplished this summer and the growth they experienced as a result of the program, providing insight into how our students are applying themselves as budding social impact leaders.

If you’ve held a curiosity about social impact and are interested in learning more about how you can approach some of our generation’s most pressing problems, we invite you to engage with us and to join us in our social impact journey. 

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