Ideas at Beeck

We are an incubator for scalable, leading-edge ecosystem ideas.

We are incubating new tools, frameworks and approaches to better invest in outcomes. Guided by three key elements that become the lens with which all of our ideas revolve, we view policy as a key tool to help these ideas scale.

Fair Finance

Investing for outcomes often means shifting incentives and addressing systemic inequities to achieve lasting change. We aim to right the rules of the game for shared prosperity.

Data + Digital

Scaling responsible data practices and digital service delivery to support the relationships and responsiveness between governments and the people they serve.

Data + Digital •

Data Collaboratives for Social Impact

We are forming and advising a variety of data collaboratives for social impact where people work together using shared data to tackle real-world challenges. Topics include 2020 Census, integrated data systems for improving social service delivery and enabling evidence-based policymaking, making visible for local communities and law enforcement the connection between policing and prosperity, and other topics such as opioids, disasters and carbon emissions.

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Data + Digital •

Data Opportunities Ecosystem

Reducing the barriers to leveraging data for social impact by addressing the technical, policy, and cultural aspects to ethical and responsible use of data. The Data Opportunities Ecosystem brings together the diverse voices necessary to collectively develop the best practices and tools necessary so data can be shared across silos to maximize its utility for the most vulnerable in our society.

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Fair Finance • Incubation

Inclusive Impact Investing – Opportunity Zones

The Beeck Center has been focused on the inclusive economy and how social innovation and access to opportunity can drive prosperity for all communities. The Center is a hub for Opportunity Zone conversation and aims to explore how Opportunity Zones can drive capital to communities in a way that truly benefits the individuals and families that currently live and work there.

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Data + Digital • Incubation

Digital Service Collaborative – Building Capacity for Digital Transformation in Government

The Beeck Center is working with support from The Rockefeller Foundation to provide expert support to government digital transformation efforts. As governments increasingly focus on delivery of public services, the Digital Service Collaborative will provide tangible resources to scale successful practices and will cultivate the community of digital service leaders.

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Data + Digital • Exploratory

CDO Playbook – Framing the Role of the Chief Data Officer

In 2018, the Beeck Center partnered with Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights on several high-level convenings of federal Chief Data Officers (CDOs) with multi-sector leaders from across government, civil society, and industry. One product of this work was an easily accessible CDO playbook that outlined some of the key opportunities and challenges for CDOs.

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Data + Digital • Exploratory

Democracy Fund – Pathways for Civic Voice in the Modernization of Congress

Here at the Beeck Center, we envision a 21st century where Americans leverage technology and data to renew democracy. To that end, the Beeck Center has been conducting research on the potential for crowdsourcing expertise from communities for Congress. Our initial research agenda includes: developing case studies to understand what is already happening in Congress, piloting a new app to see if we can build trust between members of Congress, and testing how technology can garner effective constituent participation in the policy process.

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Data + Digital • Exploratory

The Blockchain Ethical Design Framework for Social Impact

In June 2018, we launched the Blockchain Ethical Design Framework, a project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to ensure that privacy and ethics are incorporated into blockchain applications. The Framework provides an actionable tool for decision makers and practitioners to drive positive social impact and ethical intentionality into the design and implementation of blockchain technologies.

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Our Portfolio

We take on a select number of projects, ideally with learning partners, that are focused on delivering outcomes. We use the tools of fair finance and data + digital. We start with financing for outcomes. We believe data is critical to deliver on outcomes, and we understand how data is collected and from whom matters. Most importantly, we want to ensure civic voice is embedded in decision-making and the evaluation process. The fair finance and data + digital portfolio help us build new models for investing in outcomes. Scale is critical for success. All of our projects fall into one of three stages that show our intentionality toward scaling these efforts.

Stages for Scale

A three-pronged approach to scaling social impact.

We want to test, incubate and scale what works. We believe failure is just as important as success. 


We surface leading-edge ecosystem ideas and models that could achieve outcomes.


We incubate ideas to help them scale, by taking the initial risk, creating models, and catalyzing others to help scale.


We identify and collaborate with partners and networks to move the idea forward outside the Beeck Center.